"I can't set my hopes too high 'cause every hello ends with a goodbye."

Demi’s reaction to people singing along.

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US #LOVATICS - it’s your turn! Shazam “Really Don’t Care” 5 times this week only and be automatically entered to win 2 tickets to the US tour stop nearest you this fall. Plus, pick a classic Demi song that I will perform. LIVE. One winner will be announced in each city listed in the official rules, so get ready to #ShazamDemi.

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Demi Lovato arrives back at her NYC hotel, August 15th

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All my windows still are broken but I’m standing on my feet.

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Recovery was a painful, humbling journey that allowed me to really know myself in a way I never thought possible. There’s freedom in knowing and accepting that I will never be perfect. Recovery is a daily effort, and it’s important that I continue to work hard at it. I can’t get lazy about it or take things for granted, but that’s been part of the learning experience.

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@ddlovato: I want kick-box while eating a big fat cheeseburger covered in chocolate and cry while I watch the notebook all at the same time. Anybody?

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Demi Lovato for the UK’s YOU Magazine. (2014)

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